Insekt KBH is a Copenhagen startup who makes juice infused with crickets. They call it ‘Femten Fårekyllinger’ which means ‘Fifteen Crickets’ in english, because of its content: 15 crickets.
I created a new direction for their brand.

Insekt KBH is a Copenhagen startup who makes juice infused with crickets. They call it ‘Femten Fårekyllinger’ which means ‘Fifteen Crickets’ in english, because of its content: 15 crickets. I created a new direction for their brand.

MA project, KADK
In cooperation with Insekt KBH
Branding, Packaging & UI/UX

Edible insects has become a novel food category that has gained a lot of attention in the recent years and it poses a sustainable, nutritious alternative to the rising demand of food. But how do you make edible insects appealing, when they are inherently perceived as something that’s disgusting? 


MA-Artboard 1

“The project is based on extensive theoretical research of product and brand design, as well as practical surveys and mapping of consumer attitudes and behaviour. The design takes into account the strong cultural barriers surrounding a product of this kind; In this case, edible insects. In its entirety, the final result radiates a well-thought-out balance between "niche" and "mainstream", which is otherwise very difficult to achieve.” 

- Philip Price, Insekt KBH co-founder.

I set forth the task for to develop a new brand and direction for the juice, to not only focus on the environmental benefits but aim for a more appealing and fun expression.

• Collaborative workshops to define the brand, target groups and problem areas.
• Interviews with stakeholders and potential users to identify their behaviour, needs, pains and interests.
• Research to map existing brands and trends in both the juice industry and novel foods industry.
• Visual exploration to transform the brands visual language.
• Develop a microsite which contains a webshop, information as well as a social media platform.

• Brand research, strategy and visual identity.
• Redesigned juice labels. 
• Design and implementation of website.
• Visual assets for social media platforms.

Workshops and interviews
Through workshops with the Insekt KBH team, I worked out the approach to take the brand, as well as focusing on pinpointing user behaviour. From stakeholder and user interviews I focused on working out the various user needs, pains and what motivated them. A common theme was the motivation to inform users about the product, without being too preachy.


Sketches and experiments
The key takeaway for me was to focus on 'fun' while still being informative.

I tested out various ways of depicting the crickets the juice contain, without falling into the pitfalls of "health food" aesthetics.


Fonts and colors
Founders Grotesk Text was created as a text version of Founders Grotesk, which failed at small sizes. This text version posseses slightly wider letterforms with more quirks that makes it more legible.
I decided to use the text version in large sizes to emphasize the quirkyness of the product. Also, the ‘5’ looks amazing.

GT Pressura mono is the monospaced cousin of GT Pressura. The design was inspired by ink spreading under pressure when stamped on shipping boxes. I used this to balance the quirkyness of Founders Grotesk Text and to make sure that information was represented in a factual manner through the fonts expression.

The colors were chosen to express a playful approach to edible insects as a novel food, and to paint it in a different light as something exciting and fun, rather than just being healthy and good for the environment (which they are).


Juice bottles


Getting it all online
By testing iteratively with users I created a landing page that contained information on the environmental and nutritional benefits on edible insects - as well as explaining the company's mission. 
A content platform which they could expand on themselves with SoMe assets, was also developed.


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