The Danish
Nihilistic Party

Project, KADK
Art Direction & Branding

"Nothing really matters anyway -
so waste your vote on us!"
 The Nihilistic Peoples Party

In 2009, a Danish political party was established to mock the, at the time, public impression of politics in the election period. They proclaimed that nobody cares about politics and its therefore useless to do anything about it. Rather, they decided to embrace this aspect, and carry it the whole way - The Nihilistic Peoples Party.
I came up with the idea of trying to rebrand their rather stale visual identity. But how do you design value to something, which inherently denies its existence?
The solution was to work with the rather ridiculous statements they were parading. The visual language stems from complete randomness, stemming from various important Danish landmarks or events (for example, The Little Mermaid), and churning them through a distorted glitching process - thereby removing all value and meaning. For the political posters itself, they incourage the reader to interact with the poster and deface the intended statement.

"We know you don't really care about politics, so here's something
pretty to look at instead."


Election posters
Choose your own message.


Election flyers
Read the message or look at the pretty picture.


Business cards
To use the QR code, you have to tear the card in half.
Finally, a use for QR codes.


┬ę Mike Rosendal 2018